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Careers Guidance

Considering a career in emergency response? We offer young people career Workshops and Assemblies.

Resus Responders - Career Workshops and Assemblies

Resus Responders understands how important it is to inspire the next generation of front line medical staff whether they become First Responders, Paramedics or First Aiders, any role they choose in the workplace will benefit our communities and society at a whole. 

Our workshops or online Career Assemblies are a great way to introduce young people to Emergency Medicine and Care as a career option which is open to everyone.

The content of our Assemblies and Workshop:

  • Introduction to careers in Emergency care and medicine.

  • What it is like to work in the Emergency care from a current Medic.

  • What do you need to know?

  • Take our personality test: have you got what it takes?

  • Practical scenario to test your reactions to an emergency.

  • Question and Answers for your pupils.

All our Workshops and Assemblies come with a career resource package for your pupils.

Paramedic in Uniform

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