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Delivering the Resus Responders Programme In Your School

Our teacher-led resources have been designed to be quick and easy to organise in the classroom, simple to follow and fun and interactive for the children. They have been designed to align with current National Curriculum requirements for PSHE.


Our resources are centred around secondary school children. Comprehensive User's Guide and Lesson Plans ensures that every teacher will feel happy teaching First Aid without any intensive training in the subject.


Simply purchase your resources subscription package and you will have access to our extensive resources library all year round.

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What's Included?

PowerPoints (with exclusive videos)

Each Key Stage comes with one PowerPoint presentation to aid with their Lesson Plans. These interactive presentations include a variety of activities using videos to demonstrate First Aid techniques.

At the end of each presentation there is an acting activity involving some of the First Aid techniques learnt over the course of the Key Stage. These are an opportunity for the pupils to put into practise what they have learnt in a practical setting.

Presentations are all produced in-house and include videos and photos to aid in your First Aid lessons.

Topics Covered

Split across two Key Stages (KS3 & KS4) our programme includes topics such as unconsciousness, CPR, and medical conditions. Our Programme covers all of the subjects listed in the PSHE Basic First Aid documentation to meet your statutory guidance to deliver First Aid.

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Key Stage 3
(Year 7, Year 8, and Year 9)

  1. Unconsciousness

  2. CPR

  3. Choking

  4. Medical Conditions

  5. Emergency Action Planning

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Key Stage 4
(Year 10 & Year 11)

  1. Unconsciousness

  2. CPR

  3. Choking

  4. Medical Conditions

  5. Drugs and Alcohol

  6. Cuts and Wounds

  7. Emergency Action Planning

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Explore More Options

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The Resus Responders programme includes First Aid Workshops delivered by qualified Resus Responders Leaders at times to suit your school.

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Careers Guidance

We also offer online resources for children interested in a career in emergency response including posters and videos, free for all schools across the UK.

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