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Classroom Resources

Our digital resources are ideal for any PSHE class to teach First Aid to Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.

What's Included in Your Resources Package?

Your teacher-led resources package comes with everything you will need to deliver First Aid lessons as part of your PSHE curriculum, including:

  • PowerPoints

  • Exclusive videos

  • Activity sheets

  • Comprehensive lesson plans

  • Certificates

To access these resources, sign up and pay your annual fee, then you simply download the package. Everything is included with no hidden extras.

Resources are updated regularly in line with current First Aid practices and we regularly provide additional resources for the young people to support your PSHE lesson.

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What Topics are Covered?

Topics required by the national curriculum for Key Stage 3 plus more:

  1. Unconsciousness (including Recovery Position).

  2. CPR and AED Awareness.

  3. Choking.

  4. Medical Conditions (Epilepsy, Anaphylaxis, and Asthma).

  5. Emergency Action Planning.

Key Stage 4 includes all of the above plus Alcohol and Drugs and Cuts and Wounds including knife injuries.

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