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First Aid Workshops

Interactive First Aid Workshops for UK pupils aged 11-16.

What's Included in Your Workshop?

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The content of our First Aid Workshops includes:

  • Unconsciousness (including Recovery Position).

  • Calling 999 - real-life experiences calling emergency services.

  • CPR and AED awareness.

  • Choking method.

  • Serious bleeds (including knife/gunshot wounds)

  • Emergency Action Planning - acting out scenarios.

  • Q&A with our Responders staff.

Our workshops are 2 hours and covers all the statutory guidances:


PSHE Association Programme of Study.

Part of: Physical health and mental wellbeing H1

STATUTORY GUIDANCE: Know concepts of basic first-aid, for example dealing with common injuries, including head injuries.

STATUTORY GUIDANCE: Know how to make a clear and efficient call to emergency services if necessary.

STATUTORY GUIDANCE: Know basic treatment for common injuries.

STATUTORY GUIDANCE: Know life-saving skills, including how to administer CPR.

STATUTORY GUIDANCE: Know the purpose of defibrillators and when one might be needed.

The lesson was really useful for knowledge of what to do in an emergency. They also explained what system they use to find your location if you make a call. This information could be vital in future situations.

Charlie, Year 7

The lesson was very good for learning about what to do in an emergency. It was also great to learn about what incidents are serious enough to call 999 / the ambulance service and to learn the number for less serious situations was helpful.

Charlotte, Year 9

It was very informative of what to do in a situation where somebody falls unconscious.

Ellie, Year 9

It was interesting to hear the perspective of a call handler and how busy and diverse their role is.

Jake, Year 11

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