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Free Defibrillator Awareness Resource for all UK Secondary Schools

Now that eligible UK Secondary Schools have received their Defibrillators from the UK government, Resus Responders have created a free ‘Defibrillator Awareness’ resource for teachers to use to help educate their pupils about what defibrillators are for and how to use them.

The free resource includes a 30-minute lesson with a lesson plan, PowerPoint, and activity sheet.

The lesson covers:

  • Chain of Survival

  • How to use a defibrillator

  • How they work

The aim by the end of the lesson is for pupils to be able to:

• Recognise when to use a defibrillator

• Understand the function of the chain of survival

• Understand how a defibrillator is used

If you would like to receive a free Defibrillator Awareness resource for your Secondary School, please email 'defib resource' to and we will reply with a link to access the resources.

Resus Responders offer quality key stage-specific First Aid Workshops, Resources and Careers Guidance for Secondary School Children aged 11-18 years old across the UK.

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