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Has your Secondary School received a defibrillator from the Department for Education?

Here's what you need to know!

As Secondary Schools in the UK received their life-saving defibrillators from the Department for Education, we asked Tara Burn (our Operations Manager here at Resus Responders) if there is anything that schools need to know for when they receive their defibs. Tara, who has worked in the Ambulance Control Room for 7 years and handled over 10,000 999 emergency calls, said:

‘‘Yes, if your school has recently received a defib, don't forget to register your defib on The Circuit! Ideally, all defibs should be registered on The Circuit, which is a national database of defib locations and access information. When someone calls 999 for a person in cardiac arrest the system allows the control room to see where the nearest one is and to send the caller for it if possible. The Circuit will automatically notify the guardian of the defib that it may have been used and to check it ASAP. The Circuit records the date your pads will expire and reminds you to change them, and any other consumables needed, such as a razor and tough cut.

When a defib is used in the community, it may be taken away by the ambulance service or more likely the police, as all public cardiac arrests are attended by the police. It will be returned to you, and you will then need to replace the pads and ensure it is 'rescue ready' before placing it live back on The Circuit as available for use.’’

Looking for free defibrillator resources for secondary school pupils?

We have created a free resource specially for secondary school children which covers when and how to get a defibrillator, and includes knowledge testing activities. To receive your free defib resource for secondary schools, email 'defib resource' to

Resus Responders offer quality key stage-specific First Aid Workshops, Resources and Careers Guidance for Secondary School Children across the UK. More about the Resus Responders here:

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