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Hawkley Hall High School join The Resus Responders

In September the Resus Responders were invited by Hawkley Hall High School in Wigan to deliver a whole school First Aid Assembly to 1,250 pupils from Year 7 to 11.

During the assembly the pupils looked at what it is like in the ambulance control room, including the type of phone calls people make to 999. The pupils also covered tips on calling 999, including response time management, and managing the safety of the patient whilst waiting for the emergency services.

The sessions by Resus Responders were delivered in a friendly and engaging way. The short lessons provided useful information on the relevant numbers to call for an emergency, how long wait times are and why and useful information on how to treat first aid. We would certainly recommend Resus Responders to other secondary schools. Nicola Atherton, PSHE Lead - Hawkley Hall High School, Wigan

The lesson was very good for learning about what to do in an emergency. It was also great to learn about what incidents are serious enough to call 999 / the ambulance service and to learn the number for less serious situations was helpful. Charlotte, Year 9

It was very informative of what to do in a situation where somebody falls unconscious. Ellie, Year 9

It was interesting to hear the perspective of a call handler and how busy and diverse their role is. Jake, Year 11

The lesson was really useful for knowledge of what to do in an emergency. They also explained what system they use to find your location if you make a call. They explained the reasons why the ambulance prioritises particular calls and what the wait times are expected before an ambulance is dispatched. This information could be vital in future situations. Charlie, Year 7

Are you looking for a First Aid Workshop for your pupils? First Aid Workshops | Resus Responders

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