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About the Resus Responders

Who are the Resus Responders?


Since September 2021 the Resus Responders have been delivering First Aid to children across the UK including Hammersmith, Bury and even Wales! With Ofsted inspections underway there is a renewed focus on the changes to the PSHE curriculum. We understand that many schools do not have the time and resources to create lessons themselves for every part of the new curriculum, this is where the Resus Responders come in!


We specialise in First Aid, using our skills and knowledge we have designed a programme which meets your statutory requirements to deliver First Aid to your pupils. We are the UK's only First Aid skills company which specialises in First Aid for children and young people only, using a fully child-centred programme.


Since September 2021 we have trained over 12950 children in schools! We have just won the Natwest prestigious award for First Aid and the SMe National award for Best Young persons First Aid Provider.


We would be delighted to deliver the sessions for you on your enrichment programme.

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