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Customer Testimonial from Guildford County School, Surrey

''Before Resus Responders started to provide services for our school, we had no First Aid training provided to Sixth Form Students.

The only reservation we had before choosing Resus Responders to work with our school was whether the quality of the sessions would engage Year 12 students.

The process of working with Resus Responders has been superb! The organisation was slick, communication fantastic. Stephen always arrived on time and delivered four excellent sessions. Stephen’s manner with the students was superb, and he was super friendly and had the attention of all the students. The quality of delivery was great, and students left fully educated about First Aid.

The result that we have experienced since using Resus Responders is excellent student feedback. They were really positive about what they learned from the sessions.

We will definitely book again for next year!'' - Daryl Bond, Assistant Headteacher and Director of Sixth Form at Guildford County School

Guildford County School is a specialist music college, located in Guildford, Surrey.

(Customer booked afternoon Enrichment First Aid Workshops for Sixth Form students during Spring term 2024.)

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