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It is Allergy Awareness Week (22nd-26th April) by Allergy UK!

Did you know that by 2026, 1 in 2 people in Europe will live with at least one allergy?

Despite allergies soon to affect the majority of people, they are often dismissed, ignored, and misunderstood by the NHS, government, and society.

The UK ranks in the top 3 globally for the highest rate of allergies, (and second for allergic eczema) and we share the top spot with Sweden for the highest occurrence of hay fever. The burden of allergy-related cases contributes to the considerable strain on the already overstretched NHS, and the way the healthcare system manages allergies needs to change.

Resus Responders stand with Allergy UK because allergies are too big to ignore!


To help support Allergy Awareness Week (22nd – 26th April) with Allergy UK, Resus Responders are offering a free ‘Anaphylaxis’ activity resource for key stage 3 children.

For your free 'Anaphylaxis' resource, email ‘Anaphylaxis’ to

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