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Considering a Career in Emergency Response?

Richard Henton, from Nottinghamshire, couldn't read or write until he was in his 20s, however despite this he has still achieved his dream of becoming a paramedic. Richard has dyslexia and was told by some of his teachers that he was not working hard enough at school. Watch Richards story here: 'I couldn't read or write but now I'm saving lives' - BBC News

Considering a career in emergency response?

Resus Responders understands how important it is to inspire the next generation of frontline medical staff whether they become First Responders, Paramedics or First Aiders, any role they choose in the workplace will benefit our communities and society at a whole.

Resus Responders offer young people Career Guidance Workshops and Assemblies to introduce them to Emergency Medicine and Care as a career: Careers Guidance | Resus Responders

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